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The Analysis


A deep dive into your organization from top to bottom, covering all 11 areas of Organizational Efficiency. This quantitative assessment will give you actionable, detailed information on your current state of Organizational Efficiency addressing all of the areas that might be holding you back. 


What it covers

Find out where your organization actually is, and work to fix the root cause, not the symptoms. 

  • Company Assessment (Current State) of all 11 Areas of Organizational Efficiency

  • Shows the disparity between CEO, C-Suite, and company staff​

  • A deep analysis of the root causes of the inefficiencies in each area

How It Works

A Comprehensive approach to your Organizational Efficiency

We quantify 11 sub-categories of Organizational Efficiency across your business.


Ensuring PURPOSE  is engrained throughout the organization

Purpose-Driven Everything
Purpose Driven

Ensure awareness of the company GROWTH path, creating clarity across the org 

Growth    Alignment
Growth Alignment

Collaborative KPI's foster autonomous decision making and transparency

Collaborative KPI

Understanding the ORG STRUCTURE 

allows for successful cross-collaboration

Aligned Org Structure

Aligned Organizational Structure

Cross-functional, aligned   PROCESSES 

reduce errors and maximize 


Collaborative Processes


Cross department COMMUNICATION

is key to enhancing productivity and engagement

Cross-functional Communication

Fostering an 

ACCOUNTABILITY culture both up and down in the org increases engagement

Cross-Functional Accountability

Cross-functional Accountability

Aligned, planned 

TECHNOLOGY ensures employee success and reduces tech debt

Aligned Tech Stack
Aligned Technology

An engaged COMMUNITY 

creates healthy culture, decreases turnover and increases productivity

Engaged Community
Engaged Community

Minimize wasted time and enhance knowledge transfer through


Meeting Efficacy

Meeting efficacy

Autonomous  LEADERSHIP creates competitive, nimble and flexible organizations

Empowered Leadership

Empowered Leadership

Aligning your organization, optimizing your processes, preparing for scale, and empowering your leaders through quantitative Organizational Efficiency insight

Example: Report

The Benchmark dives into the next level, breaking the 4 areas of alignment, people, process and leadership into 11 subcategories thereby detailing specific areas that can be fixed individually.

Areas such as cross-functional communication, growth alignment, leadership autonomy, employee engagement and community (which develops into culture)

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