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Family Office Portfolios

We understand that as a family office, you invest differently, you assess differently and you probably want a little deeper insight into your investments. 

We offer family offices a similar approach to assessing Organizational Efficiency both PRE or POST investment as we do venture portfolios. 

What we do

We provide a deep quantitative organizational efficiency assessment

for your portfolio companies 

  • Score and Benchmark survey analyzing the current state of each of the 11 areas of Organizational Efficiency

  • Results compare CEO, Leadership, and Company-Wide perspectives showcasing where there are major gaps of clarity across the organization

  • This allow you and the company an understanding of the risks with a clear visual and qualitative way to address the problems that "sneak up" on you

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The Benefits to Your Portfolio

Expand your due diligence knowledge

Success rates of early stage companies are concerning and many fail for reasons from 'within' the organization.  After market fit is proven, funding is secured and growth begins - this is when many of the hidden problems begin (silo's, leadership issues, culture issues, etc.)

Efficiency chart
Efficiency Data

40% of early-stage failure is due to org efficiency

Roll-Over to see details

Roll-Over to see details

Know the issues before you invest

efficiency results

95% of companies fail, and 40% fail due to operational and people issues.  These issues are all related to alignment, people, process and leadership (Organizational Efficiency). Understanding the problems before they become major issues can save your portfolio millions.

efficiency results 2

Knowing the problems before they become major issues can save millions, increase success rates, create massive financial benefit and supports the ability for your investments to scale

Organizational alignment

Deeper efficiency insight

Collaborative Engagement

Know the company from the inside

Save Millions

Increase success rates

Having this insight into your investments enhances your knowledge, can be used both PRE or POST investment and can save millions in the long run. 

How It Works

Comprehensive approach that provides organizational efficiency insight into your investments

We assess 11 sub-categories of Organizational Efficiency across companies using our proprietary company-wide assessment tools - The score and benchmark.


Ensuring PURPOSE  is engrained throughout the organization

Purpose-Driven Everything
Purpose Driven

Ensure awareness of the company GROWTH path, creating clarity across the org 

Growth    Alignment
Growth Alignment

Collaborative KPI's foster autonomous decision making and transparency

Collaborative KPI

Understanding the ORG STRUCTURE 

allows for successful cross-collaboration

Aligned Org Structure

Aligned Organizational Structure

Cross department COMMUNICATION

is key to enhancing productivity and engagement

Cross-functional Communication

Fostering an 

ACCOUNTABILITY culture both up and down in the org increases engagement

Cross-Functional Accountability

Cross-functional Accountability

An engaged COMMUNITY 

creates healthy culture, decreases turnover and increases productivity

Engaged Community
Engaged Community

Cross-functional, aligned   PROCESSES 

reduce errors and maximize 


Collaborative Processes


Aligned, planned 

TECHNOLOGY ensures employee success and reduces tech debt

Aligned Tech Stack
Aligned Technology

Minimize wasted time and enhance knowledge transfer through


Meeting Efficacy

Meeting efficacy

Autonomous  LEADERSHIP creates competitive, nimble and flexible organizations

Empowered Leadership

Empowered Leadership

Gain insight into how a company's performing from the inside out, empowering you with quantitative data.  This gives you competitive advantages to understand where the risks are that don't typically surface until they are already a problem

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