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Report (examples)

Below you'll find an example Score, Benchmark and an example of the

Assessment.  This is the first part of the process where we quantify organizational efficiency across your organization - the real value is the roadmap and blueprints 

The Score

The Score gives insight into the organizational efficiency of a company highlighting the four key areas of alignment, people, process and leadership.


When the entire company takes the score, we are able to compare the results between CEO, Leadership and staff.  Many times leadership is unaware of the issues - we provide insight into the issues as well as a roadmap, plan and blueprints to fix them

The Benchmark

The Benchmark dives into the next level, breaking the 4 areas of alignment, people, process and leadership into 11 subcategories thereby detailing specific areas that can be fixed individually.

Areas such as cross-functional communication, growth alignment, leadership autonomy, employee engagement and community (which develops into culture)


The Fix

After a full data set from both the Score and Benchmark we then present the results highlighting areas of need (based on higher or lower scores), areas of differentiation (where leadership differs in perception from staff) and an outline of which areas should be a priority.

For each of the 11 sub-areas, we detail specific steps to take to gain short term engagement, timelines for impact, roadmaps to fix and blueprints to support implementation

For additional information, more details as to the impact and value we provide to both companies and our partners, please reach out.

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