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The Score


Using our proprietary framework, you get a quantitative score surfacing the level of organizational efficiency within your organization.  The score provides an overall efficiency score, 4 main category scores (Alignment, People, Process, Leadership)

what it covers

What it covers

A full analysis of Organizational Efficiency across the organization

  • Benchmark survey analyzing the current state of each of the 4 areas of Organizational Efficiency (Alignment, People, Process, Leadership)

  • Quantitative results compare CEO, C-Suite Leadership, and Company-Wide perspectives

Example: Score

The Score gives insight into the organizational efficiency of a company highlighting the four key areas of alignment, people, process and leadership.


When the entire company takes the score, we are able to compare the results between CEO, Leadership and staff.  Many times leadership is unaware of the issues - we provide insight into the issues as well as a roadmap, plan and blueprints to fix them

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